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This form allows the parents of prospective students to apply for ICHK – Hong Lok Yuen (Kindergarten and Primary) school places. We prefer that families have a school tour and contact us about place availability prior to submitting an application. Please complete all fields marked with an Asterisk (*). The more information you provide us with the faster the application will be processed. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Shirley Lam (admissions@ichkhly.edu.hk).

Please note that there is an application fee of: HKD $1850.00. Payment must be made by credit card, using our secure PayPal payment gateway. When you press Submit at the end of this form, you will be directed to PayPal in order to make payment. During this process we do not see or store your credit card details.


Student Personal Data

Student Background

Primary Passport
Hong Kong ID Card

Student Contact

Special Educational Needs & Medical

Please indicate whether or not your child has any known, or suspected, special educational needs, or whether they have been assessed for any such needs in the past. Provide any comments or information concerning your child's development that may be relevant to your child's performance in the classroom or elsewhere? Incorrect or withheld information may affect continued enrolment.

Student Education

School NameAddressGrades
Language of
Joining Date

Other Information

Home Address

This address will be used for all members of the family. If an individual within the family needs a different address, this can be set through Data Updater after admission.

Parent/Guardian 1

(e.g. mother)

Parent/Guardian 1 Personal Data

Parent/Guardian 1 Personal Background

Hong Kong ID Card

Parent/Guardian 1 Contact

Parent/Guardian 1 Employment

Parent/Guardian 2

(e.g. father)
Do not include a second parent/guardian

Parent/Guardian 2 Personal Data

Parent/Guardian 2 Personal Background

Hong Kong ID Card

Parent/Guardian 2 Contact

Parent/Guardian 2 Employment


Please give information on the applicants's siblings.
Sibling NameDate of Birth
School AttendingJoining Date


If you choose family, future invoices will be sent according to your family's contact preferences, which can be changed at a later date by contacting the school. For example you may wish both parents to receive the invoice, or only one. Alternatively, if you choose Company, you can choose for all or only some fees to be covered by the specified company.


Supporting Documents

Maximum file size: 64MB




As a parent/guardian I agree to become a member of the Hong Lok Yuen International School Association (HLYISA). If your child has not been assessed prior to entering the school, this will be carried out in the first few weeks of arrival. I have read the school Admissions Policy (available on our website www.ichkhly.edu.hk). I agree for the school to approach my child’s previous school if applicable. I understand the Non-Refundable Capital Debenture are payable on offer of a place. I consent for my child to be taken on Educational Visits during school hours. I agree that my child can be treated for minor injuries at School or be taken to hospital to be treated by a doctor in the case of emergency. I understand the Application Fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee an interview.

* denotes a required field

Further Information

Supporting Materials

In addition, if you have not included digital copies of the following documents in your application, please email them to admissions@ichkhly.edu.hk

  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate/Passport.
  • An official copy of school reports from the previous year including any specialist reports.

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